Adds Laravel Packages Support to Lumen and Other Helpers.

This project is maintained by irazasyed

Larasupport Package

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Laravel Support for Lumen: Adds missing helpers that are not being made to the core of Lumen. Lets you use Laravel Packages in Lumen.

There are some helper functions that are available in core of Laravel framework which are being used in Laravel Packages. Now because of these helpers missing in core of the Lumen, You won’t be able to use those amazing Laravel Packages.

I had submited PRs as well as created issue tickets in Lumen to add these helpers to the core but it got rejected with a reason to use Laravel instead. Just for Packages support i didn’t want to use full-stack framework. There were few discussions about the same as well. Hence, This package to deal with this issue!

Quick Start


Install Through Composer

You can either add the package directly by firing this command

$ composer require irazasyed/larasupport:^1.0

Or add in the require key of composer.json file manually

"irazasyed/larasupport": "^1.0"

And Run the Composer update command

$ composer update

Add Service Provider

Add this service provider to your bootstrap/app.php file.


Artisan Service Provider is an optional provider required only if you want vendor:publish command working.

And you’re done! You can now start installing any Laravel Package out there.

Available Methods

These helpers can be used across your Lumen project, not only with Laravel Packages.



Get the fully qualified path to the public directory. You can set env variable PUBLIC_PATH and it’ll return the same instead of the default public.


Get the fully qualified path to the config directory (Mostly used with Laravel Packages).


Get the fully qualified path to the database directory (Mostly used with Laravel Packages).



Artisan command to Publish any publishable assets from vendor packages (Required to get Laravel Packages working!).

php artisan vendor:publish


php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Vendor\Providers\PackageServiceProvider" 



route_parameter($name, $default = null)

Get a given parameter from the route.


If you’re using Laravel Elixir in Lumen, Then this helper function will come handy when you want to include assets from your build directory. By default, it assumes your Elixir’s build directory is build under public directory (The default is as per the Elixir’s default config). If you use a custom build directory, then you can simply set env variable ELIXIR_BUILD_PATH with your custom directory path and it’ll use the same instead of the default.

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PRs are Welcome :)

Additional information

Any issues, please report here



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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